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Photography Services in Frederick, MD

  • Newborn/Infant Photos – Book your newborn session early to capture that brand new squishy curly baby cuteness. For newborn sessions, it’s ideal to take baby’s pictures at about 3-12 days old. But all is not lost if you can’t get baby into a photo session by twelve days old. They stay cute for quite a while longer! Some other ideal times include when baby can lift his/her head up for extended periods of time and smile for us, or when baby is sitting up confidently, right before they can crawl away from the camera!
  • Child and Family Portraits – They grow up fast and that silly face, crooked smile, shy look, toothy grin are bound to change. Images captured now will be cherished forever for that special moment that they will freeze in time. Portraits of the whole family are precious .. and rare, given that either mom or dad (or both) are often absent in many of the family photos. Get out from behind the camera and get in the picture. And, moms, if you are “hiding,” stop it – don’t deprive your child of images of himself and mom together. We can work on any insecurities to make sure you love your images.

  • Senior Portraits – Your senior year portraits capture a moment of great transition in your life. These portraits can represent who you are and/or who you are reaching to become. Whether you are ready for your moment in the spotlight, or feeling shy about it, we’ll work together to make your senior portrait session relaxing, fun and meaningful. We’ll pick a shoot location to complement the image that you want to put forth, or you can choose a modern studio look.

  • Maternity Portraits – To say that I didn’t feel pretty during my pregnancies is an understatement. A camera pointed in my general direction made me cringe. Guess what? I now wish that I had maternity photos. It was such a beautiful time and that big baby belly represents such a transitional time. Also, my kids enjoy seeing any pictures where they were “inside mommy’s belly.” At the time, I never envisioned the fetus “inside my belly” would ever care one way or another about those photos. It would be great to have nice ones to show them. Pregnancy has its own kind of beauty, and a good photographer will accentuate what is beautiful and magical about your pregnant body. And, of course, there’s always Photoshop! (seriously). If you’re feeling insecure about having your photos taken while pregnant, call me and let’s see if I can appease your worries. If you’re feeling beautiful and radiant (or just brave), call and schedule a session! The best time for maternity photos is around month 7 or 8.

To find out more or to book a session, visit my facebook page or call (301) 473-0175.